SATURDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2014, 7.45pm, St Cecilia's Hall
Ensemble Labyrinthe The Renaissance Transition

Ensemble Labyrinthe is a young period group specialising in performing music from the mid-Renaissance, through to the late Baroque period and comprising the captivating combination of lute, viola da gambas of various sizes, and countertenor Randall Scotting. Through the performance of works by known and lesser-known composers, The Renaissance Transition demonstrates the development of music, both instrumental and vocal: from the early Italian madrigals of Pierre Sandrin, through the written out improvisations over these by Diego Ortiz, to the profound influences of Monteverdi, and finishing with music of the sophisticated Baroque by August Kuehnel and Arcangelo Corelli.

"visually and vocally ethereal" Opera News on Randall Scotting

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Ensemble Labyrinthe